Take note that not all shopping carts are created the same. Most will cost you your livelihood while others will enhance your sales. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is currently 64% and that is after someone has decided to buy and added a product to their cart. That’s crazy! We own and operate many e-commerce websites of our own and have spent many years testing, tweaking and tracking what allows a shopping cart to aid the user and get out of his way so that a purchase is fast and easy. Bottom line: we know what works and what doesn’t and we can put that experience to work for you.

big easy web offers a very flexible shopping cart solution in order to meet your specific needs. Below we outline the basic features. Many add-on modules and customizations are available to enhance your shopping cart and user’s experience.

Our Passion for E-commerce Web Design

Why do websites and web businesses exist? The very basic answer is because they have to SELL a product or service. This is what E-commerce means, and to put it frankly, this is what we at big easy web, are experts at, and love.

We approach the challenge of a sale in the same way that some individuals aspire to become Navy Seals, Army Rangers or Delta Force Rangers- because of the thrill and promise of success!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our E-commerce Portfolio and see for yourself the slice of the E-commerce pie we have carved out for our clients. Then, ask as what we can do to improve YOUR Internet sales!

Shopping Cart – Webstore

General Features

  • faster and more efficient checkout and processing
  • super secure military grade encryption of data
  • flexible tax models
    • Model 1: ship to address-based tax calculation
    • Model 2: store address-based tax calculation
    • Model 3: EU Mode (store owner based tax calculation when customer comes from an EU country)
  • shoppers can manage their user accounts (registration required)
  • shipping address management (customers can enter their own shipping addresses)
  • order history: shopper can view all their previous orders and order details
  • order confirmation mail (customizable!) is sent to shopper and store owner
  • multiple currencies (you can allow customers to change the currency and buy using an alternative currency)
  • multiple languages (using one of our additional components).

Product Catalog Features

  • powerful web-administration interface
  • manage an unlimited number of products and categories
  • can be used as a shop or just as an online-catalog (you can also turn off Price Display)
  • quick search for products, categories and manufacturers; filter by features or discounted products
  • product ratings & testimonials (moderated or auto-published)
  • feature specific products by setting them “on special”
  • product availability: show how fast a customer can expect delivery
  • handles downloadable products (virtual goods)
  • “product is back in stock”- notification for subscribed customers
  • show related products to your customers
  • cart automatically generates thumbnails from uploaded full size images

Administration Features

  • multiple images and files (like spec sheets and “flyers/brochures”) per product
  • product attributes (like size or color) can be added to product
  • product types for classification (like “autos”, “motorcycle” or “atv”)
  • shopper groups for customers (allows different price levels and payment options)
  • multiple prices per product (quantity-based and/or shopper group-based prices)
  • flexible price display (number & currency formatting; including or excluding tax)
  • shop statistics / control panel with a summary of new customers, new orders….
  • stock level control for products and item
  • order management with order history, customer notification and order edit functionality
  • basic reporting feature: sold Items, monthly/yearly revenue
  • order status management
  • manage different currencies, countries & states
  • custom reports and analytics are available as an addon

Payment Modules

  • live credit card processing
  • support for payment gateways like®, PayPal, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate and NoChex
  • extend your shop with many other payment gateways

Shipping Modules

  • flexible shipping carriers and rates configuration
  • flat rate or free shipping
  • live-shipping rates (e.g. InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx or Canada Post
  • extend your shop with other shipping modules such as item based shipping

Discount Coupons

  • add unlimited coupons
  • specify coupon duration
  • apply coupon to specific products
  • apply coupons to specific customers
  • apply coupons to orders over a certain value
  • have coupon apply if the order is above minimum order
  • apply coupons to any combination of the above eg. 20% off of a certain product for customer john doe for july 20 – 28th if his order is $100 or more

Affiliate Program

  • track affiliate sales
  • specify commission precentages for all affiliates or do it individually
  • give a signup bonus
  • set minimum payout for affiliates
  • banners for products and product categories are automatically created and easily styled by affiliates if they wish
  • create your own affiliate banners
  • create your own affiliate text banners
  • Online tracking – Affiliate Program automatically detects the affiliate ID from incoming links, and tracks referral visits and orders
  • Offline tracking – Affiliate Program supports tracking of users referred through offline advertising efforts, such as printed material. The user can type the username of the referrer, or select his name from a list
  • Coupon-based tracking – Your affiliates’ usernames can become discount coupon codes which can be tracked. Thus, an affiliate can hand out the coupon to a person, which gains a discount, while the affiliate earns a commission
  • Multi-tier tracking – Commonly referred to as MLM – Multi-Level Marketing enables your affiliates to refer other affiliates, which leads to more marketing, thus greater profits, for both the merchant and the affiliate! Affiliate Program can track and commission up to 5 tier/levels
  • Automatic commissioning – Affiliate Program automatically assigns the corresponding commissions to the corresponding affiliates, only if the order is finalized (confirmed or shipped). Likewise, if a commission is given to the affiliate, but then the order is cancelled, the commission will be deducted from the affiliate’s balance
  • Affiliate Panel – Affiliate Program provides a complete affiliate panel for affiliates, where they can see their earnings, visits, orders, have access to advertising material, monitor their referred traffic, conduct an e-mail campaign, or update their personal information
  • Affiliate Management – Goes without saying that you have full control over your affiliates. You can add, remove, edit, enable or disable them, and edit their preferences
  • Advertising Material – Affiliate Program allows you to upload banners (either images, animated GIFs or flash SWF files), create text ads (either normal text or HTML), or manage the automatically generated product and category ads
  • Affiliate Program Configuration – Without any bloated settings, you can specify key preferences of your affiliate program, regarding tracking, registration, payments, and so on
  • Default Terms & Conditions – Don’t feel like writing a huge terms & conditions text? Don’t worry! Affiliate Program provides such a text by default, automatically customized using your site’s name and address. So you can just review it and make sure it meets your needs
  • Payout Method Management – You can add or modify existing payment methods that you like to offer to your affiliates. You can pay them by PayPal (semi-automatic), Check, Bank Transfer, or you can easily add your own payout methods, or edit existing ones
  • Logs & Statistics – Easily monitor, review and filter through traffic, sales, payments, or affiliate program’s performance. Affiliate Program logs and provides access to all this information

Search Engine Optimization

  • shopping cart generates search engine friendly url’s –
  • title tags and descriptions are automatically generated for your products from the title and short description fields
  • all new products and categories are automatically added to your sitemap upon entering into system


Many more modules and addons are available to customize your store exactly the way “your customers want it”.